Ghee, collagen, bone broth, kale…. all big buzz words in the health world these days. Despite just gaining mainstream popularity in the past couple years, these are traditional foods that have been around forever. I LOVE that these foods are getting the attention they deserve. They are nourishing, healing, and some of my favourite superfoods.

Ghee is essentially clarified butter, made by boiling butter and skimming off milk solids that float to the top. Processing the butter like this removes the lactose, which means that people who are lactose intolerant are often able to tolerate ghee. Ghee keeps the flavour of butter, but has a more oily texture.

My favourite ghee is made by Fourth & Heart. Their Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee is glorious for bulletproof coffee and my beloved london fog inspired bulletproof tea. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available in stores in Canada. Luckily sites like Pure Feast and Natura Market have our backs and will ship all my favourite specialty items. However, this time around I let my stash dwindle before reordering.

Patience is a virtue, and its one I don’t possess all that well. I wasn’t about to wait a week for shipping, and I definitely wasn’t willing to go another day without my beloved vanilla bean bulletproof. So, at 1030pm on Sunday night, I took matters into my own hands and figured out how to make my own. With vanilla beans and grass fed butter costing a small fortune there isn’t much of a cost savings here, but homemade always tastes better, right? It’s the combination of love and instant gratification. Nothing beats that.

I wasn’t willing to stay up to stir the ghee as it cooled to make sure the vanilla bean seeds didnt fall to the bottom. So I left it on the counter overnight, and surely they did. What that meant was my vanilla bean ghee went from being just that, to whipped vanilla bean ghee. So fancy. It turned into fluffy magic and my old favourite just got even better.


Like a store bought favourite, but better because it's made with LOVE and extra vanilla. 


  • 1/2 pound grass fed butter
  • 1 vanilla bean


  1. Add the butter to a pot and heat over medium.

  2. Slice the vanilla bean length wise, and using a spoon, scrape out the seeds and set aside. Cut the vanilla bean in half.

  3. When the butter starts to bubble, you will notice white foam begin to form on top. Using a spoon, carefully scoop just the white foam into a separate bowl. Continue until you have removed all the foam you can. At this point there will probably be white milk solids floating at the bottom of the pot as well. Add the vanilla bean without the seeds.

  4. Arrange a mesh strainer over a bowl. Cover the strainer with a piece of cheese cloth, a few pieces thick. Pour the ghee over the strainer.

  5. Stir the vanilla bean seeds into the ghee. Let cool.

  6. Add the cooled ghee to a bowl and whip with an electric mixer. The ghee will change from a bright yellow to a white yellow. Store in the fridge.



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