Lately I have been getting intentional with how I start my day. My list of goals and to do’s just keep growing, and I find that combined with the stress of long days, I get overwhelmed easily. I find that setting aside some time in the morning to set the tone for the day and have some me time has helped me shift my perspective and increased my focus on my goals. Journaling, bulletproof & a little self care go a long way.

I LOVE dry brushing. I find it so invigorating, and that it helps me wake up in the morning and increases my energy. Not only does it feel great and leave you with softer skin, but it actually supports the bodies natural detoxification process. It doesn’t require much time, 2 minutes max, and all you need is a natural bristle brush which is easy to find at a local health food or even drug store. The benefits are huge for such a quick and cheap addition to your self care routine.

Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a part of the bodies immune system and is responsible for moving lymph through your body. By dry brushing you stimulate lymph flow, encouraging toxins to be eliminated through the skin. It’s exfoliating benefits also ensure that pores aren’t clogged to help facilitate the detoxification process because toxins aren’t trapped. It also helps to boost circulation, supports digestion, and reduce cellulite.

To dry brush, all you do is use a natural bristle brush in long strokes on dry skin. The key is to start at the bottom of your limbs, working your way towards your heart. Around your stomach, brush in clockwise motions, which is what will help with your digestion. When brushing above the heart you want to use strokes down towards your heart. I always do this in the shower before turning on the water. It helps to keep things clean and I find it helps to make it into a ritual. Finish off with a little frankincense and argan oil to take it to the next level.

Have you tried dry brushing? What results have you seen?



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