When we think of health, most of us think of the foods we eat and the physical activity we partake in. Environmental toxins aren’t something that many people even know to care about. The truth is that our skin is the bodies biggest organ and it only takes seconds for the toxins we apply to our skin to reach our bloodstream. The skin care, makeup, hair products and perfumes we find in drugstores and department stores are laden with toxic chemicals that can contribute to allergies, reproductive issues, hormone imbalances, weak immunity, and even cancer. With the constantly rising rates of illness and disease, the beauty industry needs an overhaul. It is a sick reality to be aware of, but luckily nontoxic products are becoming more and more accessible.

As we take our health into our own hands, luckily we have some great resources to help navigate through the ingredient labels of our products. The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep allows you to input the ingredients of a product, and assigns it a rating while providing information on each chemical. On the go, Think Dirty is a great resource to be able to pull up a products information right from their app.

Many popular brands are recognizing consumers interest in more natural, nontoxic products and are beginning to market accordingly. Don’t trust to easily when labels say natural, green, or 70% organic ingredients.. Do your research, take your health into your own hands, and vote. with. your. dollars.

As you begin to feel out different brands and learn about commonly used chemicals, you’ll soon recognize that there are brands you can trust. These brands will likely market with complete transparency, while often having ingredient lists that you can understand without much detective work. Below Im linking brands I have come to trust for their quality, performance, and alignment with the safer beauty movement.

1. Beautycounter. 

Beautycounter is becoming one of the most popular safer skincare brands, and for good reason. Voluntarily, they have a list of 1400+ chemicals that they vow will never be in their products, most of which are not banned in Canada and the US. What I love most about Beautycounter is their products perform just like high end department store cosmetics, but with what I call side benefits. Their foundation is light, never cakey, and I feel has improved the texture of my skin overall.

2. Carina Organics

Completely nontoxic haircare seems to be the hardest to find. Before trying Carina Organics I found that every safe shampoo and conditioner would leave my hair impossible to brush through or greasy. Every ingredient on their label is totally recognizable, no detective work needed, and it works like a dream. Bonus is that they are a local company, founded in the city I grew up in, North Vancouver.

3. Pacifica Beauty

Pacifica is another safer cosmetics brand. They have got a full range, but I specifically love their nail polish, and while not completely nontoxic, it is much, much better than any alternative I have found. Their polishes are free of parabens, phthalates, toluene, xylene, camphor, formaldehyde, and resin.

4. Schmidt’s

The bergamot and lime deodorant is the only natural deodorant you’ll ever need to try.

5. Your kitchen pantry…

Dry Shampoo = arrowroot or cornstarch

Exfoliator = baking soda

Makeup Remover = coconut oil

Face mask = raw honey

DIY products are easy, cheap, and the safest you’ll find!

If you take away anything from this… do your own research, take your health into your own hands, and don’t assume everything on the market is safe. The beauty industry needs a makeover, and its up to us to make it happen.


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