This morning I blended up a bulletproof London fog. I honestly can’t believe the thought hasn’t crossed my mind sooner, as bulletproof coffee and London fogs are a couple of my favourite beverages. I love bulletproof for the mental clarity, ease & steady energy it provides me through the day. Going the bulletproof route in the morning also gives your digestive system a bit of a break. The trick to this tasting so amazing is using the vanilla ghee… next level stuff.

What you need:

1-2 tablespoons 4th & Heart Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee

1 tablespoon MCT oil

1 scoop collagen powder

Organic earl grey tea, brewed

Stevia to taste

Blend it all up with a handheld milk frothed or in a blender & enjoy the tastiest, creamiest London fog I’ve had yet.


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